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63 (After Completion) Changes to 11 (Peace)

63. After Completion.
The old has made way for the new, and its been completed. The key here, though, is to not let the details take care of themselves–to be on top of things.

Although I have received help rom many sources in this “trying time” I can’t let these things go.

Line 2: When those get into power, they become arrogant. Don’t go looking for a spot among them. Just wait.

Don’t go asking for help. Allow people to offer if they want, but don’t pressure them.

Line 5: A sacrifice with piety holds more than an elaborate ceremony.

This exploration of Spirit will happen, but I don’t have to document it. If I hold the gods in my heart and my behavior reflects what the gods wish, they’ll see it and know I’m doing well.

11. Peace.
With this, everything will fall into place and things will be peaceful.

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