Occult Tarot: Review

I purchased the Demon Tarot a few years ago, and disliked it so much that I sold it. It was ugly, big and cumbersome, and made for people who are into the more darker and gothic side of spirit summoning.

I was afraid of this deck, that it would be ugly like the other one, and that I’d never use it. But it’s beautiful!

The presentation is calming, not “HELLO! I’M A DECK OF DEMONS!” It’s presented just like the Angel Tarot, with sigils on the cards, the daimon’s name, and red as its accenting color. Even the sides of the cards are cool, gilded in red metallic sheen. The pictures are not ugly and scary. They’re just different.

Will I use this deck? For myself, probably. I probably won’t take this deck out into the world and scare people. I would use it for a summoning deck, to communicate with the spirits.

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