Pagan Cats and Astrology and The Golden Dawn, oh my

My original Pagan Cat with the Tarot of Pagan Cats

Just got a new deck (a mini deck) called Tarot of Pagan Cats. I love cats. I’m marginally pagan, and I love almost anything Lo Scarabeo does. This has all three things.

Also picked up a general astrology book. My Parker’s Astrology is getting a little beat up. This one is published by Llewellyn, so it should be okay for my general purposes.

Also got THE essential Golden Dawn book by Israel Regardie. It cost a pretty penny, to be honest, but it’s got everything I need for ceremonial magick. Other than the necessary tools and robes and that kind of stuff.. But if there’s one thing I learned from reading High Magick is that you can do magic anywhere. The necessity of a physical temple isn’t. So that Ritual Workbook? BS, thank you very much. A waste of time and money.

I started reading about Santeria, but it’s written for a black audience, so it’s not resonating so much with me. No offense.

I did a reading on Etsy last week. The person said I was too general and didn’t go into enough detail. Well, if she actually used any other readers, she’d know that I gave her more detail than most! She wanted a refund. I gave it to her, and I hope she never uses me again.

I’ve done about ten readings so far on Etsy, and I have one fan that I know of. Most people don’t want tarot readers. They want something different. My Lenormand reading sells out maybe once a week? This month I made $10. Wooo.

I don’t expect to make a ton of money on Etsy. The readings are $2 a piece; how is anyone supposed to make money that way? It’s like Kindle. Those prices are so cheap that you don’t make money unless you sell a ton of them. I got lucky one week, where my “fan” bought $12 worth of readings from me, and she bought the Natal Chart that I have up for $19.99. Some people may make their rent on Etsy, but I sure don’t.

I’m not going to force Etsy by doing any spells. I have another side hustle that is bringing me some cash here and there; enough to buy food. If I get desperate, I’ll spellwork for that, not Etsy.

Meanwhile, no more buying books. (Today.)

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