Holistic Tarot Review (part 1)

by Benebell Wen.

When I first saw this book, I was like, “$21.00 for the Kindle edition? Screw that.” Little did I know that the entire book is over 800 pages!

I bought the physical copy and was indeed surprised at the size of it. The size didn’t scare me.

I read through the first couple of chapters and skipped over the entire card-meanings section that is usually expected in all tarot books, a good 200 pages. At present, I’m on page 320.

I enjoy the case studies. I especially like that the author uses Significators.

When I first started reading cards, I used a significator – that is, a card that symbolizes the person and is the basis of the card reading. I used significators based on looks, sometimes attitude. For example, I used the significator Queen of Pentacles, though according to my sun sign, it should be Queen of Wands. Queen of Wands is deeper, in that I’m creative. When the reading has to do with concrete “stuff”, I’ve decided to use the Pentacles; if the reading is more esoteric, it’s Wands.

Right now I’m reading about layouts, trying to memorize new layouts. Practicing reading for myself. But I only know so many questions.

This is definitely a great book for the advanced novice, just don’t let its size scare you. It is absolutely comprehensive.

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