The Magic of Tarot

by Sasha Graham.

I wrote my review of this book in Goodreads before reading the other reviews. I gave it 4 stars and did not finish it because the last third was card meanings.

I also found myself skimming through the first half of the book. It was so choppy, meant for someone to work through it like a workbook. “Flip a card.” “Shuffle and concentrate. Now pick a card.” “The Ace of Cups means to me…” (and you’re supposed to use that as a prompt in your journal. All intuitive readings until you get to the end where it’s the big REVEAL of what the cards mean. I didn’t even bother reading that stuff.

Other reviewers said that the first half of the book sucked. “She’s putting on a show.” “She goes off into tangents.” I guess–since I missed all that when I skimmed through it. It was messily put together, agreed. But don’t I didn’t toss it. Maybe I’ll go back to it after I’m done studying Holistic Tarot.

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