The Essential Golden Dawn

For such a small book, it’s jam packed with information that is necessary for you to decide whether or not you really want in on the Golden Dawn.

After reading this, I found that maybe, just maybe, ceremonial “high” magic isn’t right for me. I’ve read four books on high magic, and all of them point to the Lesser Banishing/Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram and the Qabbalistic Cross as two basic rituals to do. I’d love to–but they’re Christian. I don’t like Christian.

I’m getting another book on Qabbalah for Pagans, to see if they have a different take on the vibratory names. What’s wrong with Egyptian usage? I know the Qabbalah is Jewish (I’m not anti-Semetic) but whenever I use the names given, I think “Christian.” I’m so over Christian.

Now if I can admit that to people, it would be better.

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