LightSeer’s Tarot

This is my new deck. Better than RWS, the colors and pictures are awesome. I’ve been using this, both the full-sized and now the pocket version, since it’s easier to shuffle. The book is also really clear, interesting, and easy to work with. Definitely something you should look at.


Been a while, yeah, I know. I’ve been too poor to buy new books and tarot decks. I’ve been concentrating on my writing and taking care of my sick cat. My plan is to go to “A Touch of Magick” in Uxbridge, MA as soon as I have some extra cash. I feel the need… Continue reading Update

Thoth Tarot Deck

I can’t believe I actually didn’t buy this. Or I did buy it, and I put it away. I know I bought a book for it. Somewhere…my house is an abyss. It swallows things I put “away”. I bought with this deck Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo DuQuette. I’ve read other books… Continue reading Thoth Tarot Deck

High Magick

Ok, so I tossed the Ritual Workbook. I know what my problem is about books like that–it’s too authoritarian. Everything comes from On High and is shown to you, then you do it. And don’t come back until after you’ve done it. I had the same problem with The Woman Magician. Firstly, it was for… Continue reading High Magick


Welcome to my exploration of Spirit, my spirituality, and other religious essays about my “tradition” or beliefs. It is a very personal belief system, using my methods and things I have gleaned from other writers, books, ideas, and experiences. You could say this is my Book of Shadows.