Magical Cabinet: Redux

Cabinet Redux

As you can see above, this is a much better set-up than I had. The dishes I put out on the porch. If they disappear, so what. I have no sense of “antiquity” when it’s not useful for me and never has been.

Hermes Psychopomp and Athena are in the upper part of the cabinet. In a small jewelry chest are two small crystals, and in another jewelry box with a snake on it is my husband’s hair when we cut it after the wedding. There must be a spell out there that calls for “a dead man’s hair”.

Next to that are cauldrons of three different sizes, an incense holder, oils, and a long taper candle that doesn’t fit anywhere else. My atheme–my first one–is in that section. In the corner are incense blocks, but no more raw incense–I’ve had them for over 30 years. It’s time for them to go, especially since I don’t plan on using them anymore.

Second shelf, left side: Assorted Tarot Decks that I don’t use. Right side: More decks, an old statue that I’ve had for over 40 years, a symbol of my “perfect” man (which came true, as it was my husband). Egyptian statues of Anubis, Horus, and Bastet. A couple of mortar and pestles thrown in, too.

Third shelf (which had the dishes), left side: More oracle decks I don’t use because either they’re too ugly or they didn’t click with me. A pure quartz sphere, and in the back is a scrying glass. Right side: an empty mason jar, an empty holder, shotglasses doubling as taper candle holders, candles and crystals in a jar, more small candles.

Fourth shelf, left side: Hades and Hekate (symbolizing their place in the underworld), and next to Hades is a basket where I will put change and dollars as offerings to Hades, the Rich. Right side: Two Harry Potter wands, Voldemort and Harry’s.

While I was cleaning the cabinet my son came over and was mystified by my Athemes (of which I have the working one mentioned above, and another, more fancy one that I tucked in on the third shelf in the back). He asked me what they were for.

“Casting circles. Establishing boundaries of protection and power.”

“Like Supernatural?”

“Alot like that.”

He ran the sheathed blade over his palm.

“No, no, no, that’s blood magic. I don’t do that.”

Then he rang the bell I have, and I told him that was for summoning spirits. “Did I summon a spirit?”

“No, because you didn’t have one in mind when you did that.”

Then he shivered. “I got the willies.”

He messed around with my dowsing rods, too. That’s okay.

Ceremonial magick is too complicated for him, but I think he’d like Rootwork or more simple magic. Working with spirits might not be for him yet.

Next: An altar, once I figure out someplace to put it.

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