5 and 7 of swords

Clockwise: RWS, Shadowscapes, Witches', Robin Wood

For some reason, these two cards confuse me. If you look at the surface of them in the RWS and Robin Wood deck, they look the same: Someone is taking away swords. For many years, I’ve used these cards interchangeably, “Someone is stealing something from/returning something to you.” But there’s more than that. The five… Continue reading 5 and 7 of swords

Magical Cabinet: Redux

As you can see above, this is a much better set-up than I had. The dishes I put out on the porch. If they disappear, so what. I have no sense of “antiquity” when it’s not useful for me and never has been. Hermes Psychopomp and Athena are in the upper part of the cabinet.… Continue reading Magical Cabinet: Redux

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Why Mercenary Sorcerer?

I chose this name because I consider myself for hire and loyal to that buyer. If someone needs a spell, or some working done for them, I am more than happy to oblige. I especially like to read cards and do astrology charts for people, and because those are tangible things, I don’t feel guilty… Continue reading Why Mercenary Sorcerer?