Mythic Tarot

Mythic cards

What do you want to tell me?

A flying out card, King of Cups. A man with emotion. the next card, The Emperor, reversed, usually symbolizes my dad. I’m going to get a lecture today. (I usually call him on Sundays for a check-in.)

The Moon Reversed generally means that what I see is not what I get. Not sure what that means in my life, but it could mean something to do with a conversation with my dad. The other thing it means is the obvious card, which is for Hecate. Maybe she has something to say to me today, something I need to hear but don’t want to listen to.

Review: This deck is one of my favorites because I worship this pantheon. The cards tell a story by themselves. The major arcana are the different gods and goddesses, and the court cards are the different kings, queens, and heroes of the Greek myths. The minors tell four different myths.

I’ve had this deck for many, many years. I use this deck when I want to get in touch with the myths. I also use Mythic Oracle for that as well.

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