5 and 7 of swords

Clockwise: RWS, Shadowscapes, Witches', Robin Wood

For some reason, these two cards confuse me. If you look at the surface of them in the RWS and Robin Wood deck, they look the same: Someone is taking away swords. For many years, I’ve used these cards interchangeably, “Someone is stealing something from/returning something to you.” But there’s more than that. The five… Continue reading 5 and 7 of swords

Mythic Tarot

What do you want to tell me? A flying out card, King of Cups. A man with emotion. the next card, The Emperor, reversed, usually symbolizes my dad. I’m going to get a lecture today. (I usually call him on Sundays for a check-in.) The Moon Reversed generally means that what I see is not… Continue reading Mythic Tarot

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

This deck is so lame. Want to talk about cartoony characters? This one has it. And the cards themselves are so thin and flimsy, even worse than playing cards. I understand why this deck was created–to be gentle, soothing, and a lot calmer than most decks. I collected it entirely by error, as it’s part… Continue reading Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Celtic Tarot

I’m going through and reorganizing my tarot decks and have realized I have way too many. So I’m putting away a couple of the decks into my magical cabinet. Maybe I’ll rotate them out, but for now, they’re being packed away. This deck has been calling to me for the past couple of days. I… Continue reading Celtic Tarot