$30 for a buncha rocks???!!!

Crystals (a buncha rocks)

One of the things about being a magician/magic worker is that you have to buy tools of the trade, and metaphysical stores know it.

Local stores here overcharge for everything, compared with (of course) Amazon and now Etsy. Quartz points, that I use for quick cleansing and charging for my tarot cards, go upwards of $4 a piece locally. Lapis Lazuli doesn’t even exist up here.

I found the quartz points at $2.50, each and smoky quartz (again, hard to find locally) for $3.50 on Etsy. In order to get free shipping, I had to spend only $35. I picked up black tourmaline, lapis lazuli and emerald. I also got a medium sized amethyst cluster.

Yeah, so, great – what’s these rocks for?

Now, I’m not a reiki or crystal master. I have these stones for attunement and holding energy. I put the quartz crystals out on a full moon to charge them, or I hold them in my hand to attune them to what I want. Any stone out on the full moon “negates” any energy they may already have.

Amethyst is for healing. Lapis Lazuli and black tourmaline are for protection. Smoky Quartz is to help find balance in emotions. Emerald, I thought, would be for prosperity. It’s actually for hope and love.

What I plan to do is imbue them with intent, and then set them up for a spell when I need them. However, I need an altar. I have plenty of room in my house for that, and even outside. Maybe I’ll set up an altar outside this year. Unfortunately almost all the good spots in my house point South. And, I have to worry about the cats. Though if they knock stuff down, it must mean I don’t need it!

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