The Woman Magician

What a stupid fucking book.

I wanted rituals for women–yeah, I got that. After reading through bullshit of “What constitutes woman?” and “How do you handle the patriarchy of the different Orders?” I’m like, for fuck’s sake. I didn’t want a feminist treatise. But I got one, just the same.

By the time the author got to the meat of the matter, I’m falling asleep and skipping through Lady Science and Lady Magic. I get the ritual–it’s based in Egyptian goddesses. Now, I respect the Egyptian religion, but I don’t get the same vibe from them that I do from the Greeks. I understood why she pulls out these Egyptian Goddesses–because the Golden Dawn is big into that. And this author is an initiate.

The more I read about High Magick, Ritual Magic, the Qabbalah and all that, it’s all a level of detail that I can’t get into. I want to; part of me wants the complicated ritual to put me in that mindset. But, to be honest, to do what I want to do–mundane spells, worship of the Gods (now that I have time and energy)–Ceremonial magic is just so damn complicated!

This is why I like the term “sorcerer”. To me, that’s someone who can do the complicated ritual and the simple stuff.

Three stars.

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