Motherpeace Tarot

Not sure what to think of this deck yet. I like it for its diversity, and to see women in such powerful positions (mostly nude. Why are they always nude? Is it a pride thing?).

I bought this deck years back (I think, though it was black and white). I didn’t care much for it, as it didn’t speak to me as a woman at the time. I was still learning magic through the patriarchy.

I asked it what it wanted to tell me, and it came up with Strength Reversed. According to the book, I’m afraid of my own magic. And Gods, that’s so true. I’m afraid to push my will out into the world, because I’m afraid of a backlash, or “paradox” as it is called in Mage: The Ascension. Yes, that’s a game, but it explains what my fear is, perfectly.

I can’t be afraid. The Universe has my best interests at heart. I have to believe that with my whole of my being, instead of “waiting for the shoe to drop” whenever good things happen. Maybe as I work with the Divine Feminine or my own magic, I’ll feel more confident and strong. Most of all, deserving.

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