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When I did RI Comicon a few years ago, I read Tarot cards for $10. I made more money doing that than selling books. (I’ll never forget the disgusted look another author gave me when I told him that.) Mind you, I had only one book out at the time.

Two years later, I moved to the upper concourse in the civic center (affectionately known as “The Dunk”) and read cards as a reward for people buying books. This time, I understood that there was a tarot card reader, so I pulled out my Lenormand deck and read on two topics of the querent’s choice. My son met the tarot reader and we had an arrangement, that if someone wanted just a card reading, I’d send them to her. It was lucrative that year.

I’ve been using the same Lenormand deck for myself and find it to be eerily accurate. We might do RI Comicon this year If so, I decided I needed a new Lenormand deck. Lo Scarabeo didn’t disappoint, coming out with this gold leaf deck.

Similar to the Golden Art Nouveau Tarot deck, it has gold on the cards and has the old “Bluebird” backing that is supposedly “original.” A pretty deck that I’m going to use for others’ readings.

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