Seven of Wands

“Don’t go there.” “Back off!”

I’ve been thinking of this card and I’m not sure why.

Depending on the deck, this is “I’m ready for a fight.” Some decks have it that it is the fight. (Starscapes, Linestrider, Witches’ Tarot, Mythic Tarot).

Clockwise from left: Linestrider, Wizard’s, Starscapes, Arthurian Tarot

Sometimes, the card has to be forced into the theme of the deck. See the Arthurian Tarot above, Mythic Tarot and Murder of Crows below. My personal favorite in this selection is the Heaven and Earth Tarot, with Robin Wood coming in as a close second. It’s the kilt.

From left: Heaven and Earth; Spellcaster’s, Mythic Tarot, Murder of Crows

So the reason why this card is on my mind, is that I’m expecting a fight coming soon, and I have to be ready for it.

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