Tarot Stories

So I’ve been getting the itch to write. I’ve written novels and a short book on Real Magic For Writers. I’ve written short stories, or vignettes (what are known as “flash fiction”), on my other blogs. Most of those stories are based in the City of Heroes/Villains world, so that could be considered Mary Sue Fanfic.

Anyway, my publisher suggested I write short pieces based on the tarot cards.

That, in case you haven’t figured it out, would be 78 stories. 78 covers. 78 cards.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to complete such a magnum opus, but I will try it. So far I’ve written on Strength and Five of Wands, about 900 words and 500 words respectively. The publisher wants to put them into a collection: Major Arcana in one book, and each of the suits in their own.

Short stories are hot commodities these days, and I can see why. Our attention span has moved to blogs, vlogs, and tweets. Text ramblings are so 20th century and literary fiction. Pictures and stories less than 5,000 words are the in thing. So if I can pump out a story a day, that’s within three months.

And in a year, I’ll have my own created tarot deck!

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