Finally, I got an altar space. The good thing is that it’s in a convenient place. However all my cards are covered by all my pens. Apollo has a central apace, and there are two quartz stones next to him. My wand is there (not in the picture) and my offering table is before the altar.

I’m tempted to post this on FB. But there are a lot of Xian friends there, and I’ve sent them blessings (from Spirit, but let them think it’s from God). I need help in explaining my beliefs without alienating everyone else.

I respect everyone’s belief and faith in Christ/God, but I don’t surrender myself to him. God helps those who help themselves. Win the lottery? Buy a ticket. Want a job? Look for work, apply for jobs, go on interviews..

While my nephew was sick, the Xians kept saying prayers and surrendered everything to God. My nephew died. How do they feel now? Helpless. They didn’t try healing, my nephew didn’t believe in all these prayers but believed in angels (he was visited by one, my step-brother said). They begged God. Pleaded. Prayed and prayed and prayed. For nothing.

This was before I found Apollo. I feel confident that if I petitioned Apollo with a reasonable request, not necessarily a miracle (Get him into Dana Farber sooner, or some other cancer-exclusive hospital, Mayo Clinic, DaVita Cancer Institute, Johns Hopkins; give him experimental drugs) something might have happened. But they surrendered. And lost.

I am right now petitioning a request (a miracle) and guidance. I had a miracle on Tuesday but no guidance. And I screwed up. (Amazon.)

Please, Lord Apollo, guide me when I get my miracle fulfilled.

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