Who I am, and what this is all about

My name is Lisa Jacob. I am a 52 (as of this writing) year old widow, with one son and three cats, Tom, Max, and Krimson. I am also a writer, with ten–soon to be eleven–books under my belt.

At present, I am in the process of waiting for permanent steady income. I am dependent on the whims of insurance. So much of this will be me talking about prosperity or lack thereof.

This blog will talk about my spiritual journey, both past and present. I am, in the parlance of Wicca, in my Crone years, which are years of reflection. What have I done? What is happening now? What can I do?

Now that I have the time and energy to devote to a religion or “tradition”, I can explore ideas that make me tick. I can present to you my journey as it rounds the last few bends of life, and tell you where I’ve been before.

The first thing you must know is that I’m a really great liar. It’s why I’m a writer. When I say I’m feeling fine, I might not be. When I say I spent money on such and such, it might have really gone to a guilty pleasure: *cough* Amazon *cough*. Although I am now being more careful with my limited funds, paying the bills before getting more Amazon stuff, I’m still not very good at budgeting. You may see some of that spill into here as well.

Second, I am tied to material possessions, either by sheer laziness or want of acquisition. Do I really need fifteen tarot decks? No, but I like collecting them. Do I really need 30 wide-ruled composition sized notebooks? No, but I like collecting them. Do I really need more pens, especially “special” pens such as fountain pens, black-infused colored pens, gel pens, or even Papermates? No…

I have things in my house that really mean nothing to me, and I need to get rid of, but have no idea how. Books, mostly. Some porcelain dolls that my mother collected. Incense (my kid is allergic to it). Porn. Cat toys that failed upon launch. Knock Knock items from five years ago. Post it notes.

Suffice it to say, I’m a hoarder. And lazy when it comes to cleaning. So my house is an embarrassment. (By the way, we have no chairs for people to sit in, so you’re not invited over.) Cats rule the household so I have sections that are blocked off so they won’t go in and use them as their own personal toilet. Tom, my eldest cat, is senile and just kind of goes anywhere, so I’m constantly following him, picking up after him.

Thirdly, this blog is meant to be honest. I can’t be honest in my spiritual journey without being honest with myself and my memories. So what I said for the first thing? It’s not applicable here. I’ll be honest, true to myself and to the world.

Enjoy authenticity.

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