Why Mercenary Sorcerer?


I chose this name because I consider myself for hire and loyal to that buyer. If someone needs a spell, or some working done for them, I am more than happy to oblige. I especially like to read cards and do astrology charts for people, and because those are tangible things, I don’t feel guilty charging money for them.

I consider my sorcery, my magic, as to be a jack of all trades. I’m not a psychic, medium, or do I hear your dearly departed voices in my head or around me. I use tarot cards, candles, my own will, and something from you if you choose to hire me.

Why a Sorcerer? I am not comfortable around other women. I used to feel guilty about that. I used to think I was misogynistic. I don’t like writing female characters, and I don’t like reading them, either. It wasn’t until I read an introduction to a book called “The Woman Magician” by Brandy Williams that I realized I’m not the only woman who feels that way.

“I have always been comfortable with my body’s sex assignment, but I have not always been comfortable with the assumptions made about me because I am a woman and the way I am expected to behave. Also, I have not always comfortable in the company of other women…”

Williams, pg 1

As soon as I read this, I wanted to scream “Yes!” I thought I was gay. I thought I hated women. I just don’t like being around them. They don’t interest me with their motherhood and makeup. I like geeky women, but they intimidate me because they’re way too smart. And I certainly have a problem with Millenials. Those chicks are scary brilliant.

Hence the word “Sorcerer.” Sorceress brings to mind thin, athletic woman in flowing robes, long swept raven-black hair, dancing barefoot in a circle with candles all around her. A sweetness and light, gentleness and motherly caring for people and the Earth. That ain’t me. A Sorcerer is more simple. Magic swirls around him, like fireflies or fairies, and he gathers it to use. He is power incarnate. He can move the mountains with a gesture.

When I was younger, I wanted to summon demons, because I wanted power. As a teenager in a strict household, I wanted to be able to flex my muscles and show people that I was no one to be messed with. I was bullied in school. I had friends but I felt like a third wheel with them, that I was brought along for laughs. I was (am) heavy-set, closer to higher end of the scale. My nickname in high school was “Sumo”.

Man, that hurts just writing it.

I have claimed the name “Mercenary Sorcerer” because that shows I hold no loyalty to one person, and I have my own power. I can pick and choose my loyalty based on what another person gives me, and I use my power for my own purposes, not for all-good or all-evil, but what benefits me.

The image you see above is how I picture my avatar. Blond, powerful, with magic at his fingertips and swords for those things that are more physical. Always have a backup plan. His name is Grimaulkin, and I wrote about him here. He is what I wish I could be. He’s the original Mercenary Sorcerer. After starting “The Woman Magician” I decided to pick the male version because those expectations are different than that of a sorceress. No rainbows and unicorns, sunshine and lollypops here.

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