Celtic Tarot


I’m going through and reorganizing my tarot decks and have realized I have way too many. So I’m putting away a couple of the decks into my magical cabinet. Maybe I’ll rotate them out, but for now, they’re being packed away.

This deck has been calling to me for the past couple of days. I found it buried at the bottom of my pile of cards. I haven’t reviewed it, it seems.

A Llewellyn production, I understand this might be out of print by now. The cards are sub-standard in their weight and durability (as usual), and the book is huge and detailed in its own right. The artwork is mediocre, very much two dimensional and cartoony. I’m not going to use it; it’s going in the Cabinet.

What do you want to tell me?

The Mother (The Empress)

A beginning, a birth, a new start.

I am planning on bringing an Etsy store online. Soultales, which is my card-reading/astrology business, has seen nothing happen in the past few years I’ve had the site. I only got one paid astrology chart out of the deal so far, with four teasers sent out. This may be a symbol of the beginning of the business in Etsy.

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