Heaven and Earth Tarot

Heaven and Earth Tarot

by Jack sephiroth (Probably not his real name) and Jaymi Elford.

As usual with Lo Scarabeo, it’s a beautiful deck. This is the first time I’ve seen it packaged like Llewellyn’s tarot decks – in a box with the book. Usually they’re packaged like a deck of cards: in a small box with the Little White Book. With the exception of one or two cards, it slavishly adheres to RWS, but gives it a little twist. The five of wands, for instance, usually shows a fight, but in this deck it shoes five wands on fire.

This is definitely a good starter deck if you want something different than the usual RWS. The book is exhaustively informative.

Reading: What do you want to tell me?

I woke up this morning with this deck in mind, so it probably wants to tell me something.

Reading, 7 a.m.

Princess of pentacles reversed. Worrying about money (again or still).

Princess of swords reversed: Not engaging in intellectual pursuits. A message doesn’t come today (looking for my TDI form).

The Star: Siddown and write!

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