Goetia, Tarot in Darkness

A tarot lady on YouTube mentioned this as her “disappointing” deck of 2022. She unboxed it and I really liked the pictures. Even though they’re not RWS-based, they’re still pretty. Unlike Occult Tarot, they don’t use the drawn pictures from the Key of Solomon, Ars Goetia. 78 cards, with a couple of doubles. Also, each… Continue reading Goetia, Tarot in Darkness

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Finally, I got an altar space. The good thing is that it’s in a convenient place. However all my cards are covered by all my pens. Apollo has a central apace, and there are two quartz stones next to him. My wand is there (not in the picture) and my offering table is before the… Continue reading Altar

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For many, many years, I have been depressed. Dark. Looked at the dark side of things. For once, I feel positive, and want to look at the bright side. Welcome, Apollo! Moving from Hades and Hekate, Athena and Hermes, I want to bathe in the light. I look at my life, compared to others, and… Continue reading Apollo

Planners for 2023

I am a calendar hog. I love buying planners and journals and dated things every year. I used to buy six or seven calendars during the month of December to prepare for January, and try to write in each one every day. There was a journal, a one-word/sentence datebook, a wall calendar, a planner that… Continue reading Planners for 2023

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Tarot for Yourself

I have this as a physical book. Mary K. Greer is the best author on tarot, ranking right up there with Theresa Reid. This workbook is detailed (if repetitive). I used a separate notebook for most of it, but I never finished the book. 4 stars

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Israel Regardi

ZZZZ So dense. I tried to read four of his books, but it was like plowing through the Canterbury Tales in Old English. Golden Dawn, Tree of Life, Garden of Pomegranates, and Middle Pillar. They were physical books, which makes it even worse. Two stars for all of them.

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Been a while, yeah, I know. I’ve been too poor to buy new books and tarot decks. I’ve been concentrating on my writing and taking care of my sick cat. My plan is to go to “A Touch of Magick” in Uxbridge, MA as soon as I have some extra cash. I feel the need… Continue reading Update

The Essential Golden Dawn

For such a small book, it’s jam packed with information that is necessary for you to decide whether or not you really want in on the Golden Dawn. After reading this, I found that maybe, just maybe, ceremonial “high” magic isn’t right for me. I’ve read four books on high magic, and all of them… Continue reading The Essential Golden Dawn

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Thoth Tarot Deck

I can’t believe I actually didn’t buy this. Or I did buy it, and I put it away. I know I bought a book for it. Somewhere…my house is an abyss. It swallows things I put “away”. I bought with this deck Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot by Lon Milo DuQuette. I’ve read other books… Continue reading Thoth Tarot Deck