Angels and Auras Oracle

Ugly and confusing. It seemed like they weren’t sure what to discuss–angels or auras? How about both! These need a single-card draw because they’re detailed both reversed and standard. I didn’t bother with this one for long.

Moonology Messages Oracle

This is from Hay House, an oracle deck. I use this deck for quick, to the point answers. It’s better than Lenormand. Pictures are pretty plain, but that matches up with a pointed answer.

LightSeer’s Tarot

This is my new deck. Better than RWS, the colors and pictures are awesome. I’ve been using this, both the full-sized and now the pocket version, since it’s easier to shuffle. The book is also really clear, interesting, and easy to work with. Definitely something you should look at.

Gustave Dore Tarot

I like this artist. He does a lot of Biblical illustrations. I love woodcut illustrations. I have used this deck for three weeks. It’s tough to read. The pictures don’t match the typical interpretations. Although the deck is beautiful, I have to assume its meanings are different.

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Tarot of the Abyss

I have a thing for black and white decks. Blanche and Nero, Gustav Dore’, they’re beautiful decks. Dore is tough to work with (its pictures do not match the typical meanings). This deck is another b&w deck, but it’s a little closer to RWS than Dore. There were two that are duplicates, 3 of swords… Continue reading Tarot of the Abyss

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Goetia, Tarot in Darkness

A tarot lady on YouTube mentioned this as her “disappointing” deck of 2022. She unboxed it and I really liked the pictures. Even though they’re not RWS-based, they’re still pretty. Unlike Occult Tarot, they don’t use the drawn pictures from the Key of Solomon, Ars Goetia. 78 cards, with a couple of doubles. Also, each… Continue reading Goetia, Tarot in Darkness

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Finally, I got an altar space. The good thing is that it’s in a convenient place. However all my cards are covered by all my pens. Apollo has a central apace, and there are two quartz stones next to him. My wand is there (not in the picture) and my offering table is before the… Continue reading Altar

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For many, many years, I have been depressed. Dark. Looked at the dark side of things. For once, I feel positive, and want to look at the bright side. Welcome, Apollo! Moving from Hades and Hekate, Athena and Hermes, I want to bathe in the light. I look at my life, compared to others, and… Continue reading Apollo

Planners for 2023

I am a calendar hog. I love buying planners and journals and dated things every year. I used to buy six or seven calendars during the month of December to prepare for January, and try to write in each one every day. There was a journal, a one-word/sentence datebook, a wall calendar, a planner that… Continue reading Planners for 2023

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