Hanson-Roberts Tarot

This deck is so lame. Want to talk about cartoony characters? This one has it. And the cards themselves are so thin and flimsy, even worse than playing cards. I understand why this deck was created–to be gentle, soothing, and a lot calmer than most decks. I collected it entirely by error, as it’s part… Continue reading Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Mystical Wisdom

Different than a Tarot or Lenormand deck, Oracle decks usually have a certain theme to them. In this case, it’s “Mystical Wisdom” or fairie wisdom that I can tell. US Games presents this one, with Gaye Guthrie as the author and the art by Josephine Wall. In the first place, it’s too pretty. Too colorful,… Continue reading Mystical Wisdom

Celtic Lenormand

In my Celt phase, I thought I was interested in Brigit as a goddess. Since then I’ve been called to the Ancient Greeks, and the Celts and their mythologies are not interesting to me anymore. I bought this deck two years ago. From US Games (the same people who bring us the RWS deck) this… Continue reading Celtic Lenormand

Celtic Tarot

I’m going through and reorganizing my tarot decks and have realized I have way too many. So I’m putting away a couple of the decks into my magical cabinet. Maybe I’ll rotate them out, but for now, they’re being packed away. This deck has been calling to me for the past couple of days. I… Continue reading Celtic Tarot

Walking With Spirits

Walking With Spirits, by Taylor Ellwood. Imagine approaching magic with respect. Not just demanding a spirit to do your work for you, but working with the spirit for a mutual benefit. How interesting! How less fearful that is. Working with the gods, fairies, spirits and elementals all the same is very intriguing. I only wish… Continue reading Walking With Spirits

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Golden Art Nouveau

In case you’re wondering whose paws are in the pictures, it’s Tom. He has a habit of laying down in front of my screen. This deck is an exact replica of the Rider-Waite-Smith deck, except it’s got beautiful gold leaf on the pictures. As usual with Lo Scarabeo decks, it’s a beautiful deck. I would… Continue reading Golden Art Nouveau

Occult Tarot: Review

I purchased the Demon Tarot a few years ago, and disliked it so much that I sold it. It was ugly, big and cumbersome, and made for people who are into the more darker and gothic side of spirit summoning. I was afraid of this deck, that it would be ugly like the other one,… Continue reading Occult Tarot: Review